Wine makers of Visan

Wine makers of Visan, we have the entire range of ages for the job, from the thirties to sixties…. Born here or elsewhere, autodidacts, schooled, families, siblings from the 1st to the 12th generation of men of the wine. We took over a thousand different paths to the vines. From the veterans to the rookies, from the old-fashioned to the modern, from the star names to the discreet talents, from pragmatics to the idealistic…. Our vision of our job is not heard in one-voice!

Association members wines Visan
The beautiful experience

Our priority is to make progress the notoriety of name, with a communication centered on “The beautiful experience”… A significant experience with sincere wine markers, a village and landscapes ofgreat characters, a soil of an exceptional diversity, for wines favorite which give birth to a new desirefrom Côtes-du-Rhône wine. Thanks to an association dedicated to the promotion of Visan’s wines, our priority today is to make our wine well known to professionals (Journalist, wine shops, resellers) and public alike.

Vinisud 2012

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