A patrimonial and picturesque village

Visan’s patrimony

The best way to discover VISAN’s patrimony is to walk through the St Martin’s gate, passing by the ancient streets, charming façades, fountains and underground passages, going by Hotel Pelissier, one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of the Pope’s enclave, and by the St Peter’s church.

Old village of Visan
Visan’s landscape

Visan's landscape can be best appreciated if you go to the summit of the relief which emerges from the village, and which wears the ruins of the Chateau. The panorama over the roofs is magnificent. The orientation table shows: Valréas to the north, Mont Ventoux and the Montmirail Lace to the south, Lance and Angèle mounts to the east. Orange in south-west, The Rhone to the west. From the heights of the vast amphitheater which embraces Visan, the vines resemble rolling waves as far as the plain, surrounded by forests of Aleppo pine, green oak, and century old olive trees, and a scrubland with lavender and “broom” flavours. All the elegance of a Florentine Provence.

Village of Visan
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Landscape of Visan

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