Domaine de l'Obrieu


At the end of his winemaking studies in 2000, Jean-Yves Perez rejoins the family business, to this point dedicated to the cooperative. It continues thus the story begun 40 years earlier by his grandparents. When they bought the property, situated in Obrieu hamlet, the vines covered only 10 ha; the remaining 30ha was composed of forest and old truffiere. The Perez family restored the vineyard thereby securing a 28 hectare exploitation.
Jean-Yves, passionate about wine and confident in the potential of his vines, begins vinification on the property. The young man then creates the Domain de l’Obrieu. The first vintage is born in 2005, and the entire vineyard comes under the domain’s label in 2010.


Red passion.
The beautiful experience, for me, is in sharing: I like the place where I live and from which I make my living. I want to make my village, my wines, and the way I do my wonderful job more well-known.


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Domaine de l’Obrieu
Jean-Yves et Cécile PEREZ

Quartier Lobrieu, Route de Saint Maurice par la Montagne
84820 Visan


04 90 41 92 82